Anton Gustavsson

Anton Gustavsson - Director of Operations Development & Digitalization, Operations Department, Sweden

Anton’s journey at Axis began on our Operations Trainee Program. It has taken him to Japan, and the US, and now he is back at our HQ in Lund. Currently, he is the Director of Operations Development & Digitalization, in our Operations Department.

Today, Anton leads the organization responsible for project management, process development and strategy development within Operations and our supply chain. They are also leading the digital transformation strategy, which includes the digital roadmap to support our operations and supply chain strategy, data management & business intelligence, all in close collaboration with our Axis IT/IS organization.

Before returning to our HQ, Anton was based outside Boston at Axis Americas Headquarters in Chelmsford, Massachusetts – where he learnt valuable new perspectives and insights, which he took back to Sweden! Specifically, he led the Axis Americas Operations organization, overseeing strategies and execution related to Operations and Supply Chain in the Americas – including US, Canada and LATAM.

“I had a fantastic time in the US, where I developed my leadership skills a lot and broadened my competence areas. It was incredibly educational to be close to the market, our partners, and our customers for three years, especially during a challenging time with the pandemic and the electronic component shortage situation. It’s exciting to be back at HQ again and be able to use everything I’ve learned and view things from a different perspective.”

Turning the clock back a few more years, Anton studied an M.Sc. Communication, Transports and Infrastructure, followed by an MA in Industrial Economics & Supply Chain Management at Linköping University. After graduation, he kicked off his career at Axis on our Operations Trainee Program, which allowed him to apply his knowledge in practice. 

“I still feel that I am developing both on a professional and personal level, which is really important to me,’ he says. “It’s fun to work for a company that’s growing fast and always looking at the opportunities which lie ahead. Axis is also offering great opportunities to work abroad, which is very exciting,” Anton says.

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