Anton Gustavsson

Anton Gustavsson - Operations Manager, Enterprise Sales Projects, Sweden

Anton Gustavsson spent eighteen months on the Operations Trainee Program – and has never looked back. He studied an M.Sc. Communication, Transports and Infrastructure, followed by an MA in Industrial Economics & Supply Chain Management at Linköping University, Sweden.

Combining a sharp focus on Supply Chain Management - with genuine responsibilities from day one - the Axis Operations Trainee Program gave Anton an opportunity to apply his knowledge in practice. As part of the scheme, he worked in volume purchasing, supply chain management, and as a project manager. He also spent three months in Japan helping onboard a new contract manufacturer.

After the trainee program, Anton was responsible for starting up a new initiative and organization within Operations – focusing on the Supply Chain Planning for Axis largest projects and customers.

For the last two years, he is now living in the United States and is based outside of Boston at Axis Americas Headquarters in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Anton is leading Axis Americas
Operations organization, and is responsible for the overall strategies and execution related to Operations and Supply Chain in the Americas – including US, Canada and LATAM.

‘I still feel that I am developing both on a professional and personal level, which is really important to me,’ he says. ‘It’s fun to work for a company that’s growing fast and always looking at the opportunities which lie ahead. Axis is also offering great opportunities to work abroad, which is very exciting. In my five years at Axis, I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and working abroad in both Japan and the United states. I would encourage all students to apply to Axis – it’s a fantastic company with a great culture”

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