Amelie Bäck

Amelie Bäck, Electronic Engineer, System Products Electronics & Mechanics

Amelie Bäck has a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. She met representatives from Axis at a career fair, and together they found a thesis that that was a good mixture of Mechanics and Electronics. During the thesis work Amelie had breakfast with other thesis-students every Friday where they were introduced to different departments at Axis. One week she met a manager who was looking for a person for her team. That led to an interview and finally a job as an electronics engineer developing and designing electronics for future products.

Amelie works in R&D System Products Electronics and Mechanics, which is part of Extended video products. The team develops a variety of products, such as body worn cameras, video recorders and connectivity hubs. What impresses Amelie is how teams work close together and get answers quickly to keep people motivated and make it easier to move forward in a project

“I really love the atmosphere we have at Axis. It’s hard to point out what makes Axis so special, but I think it’s the mindset we all share. We act as one and we are always open to each other, challenging ourselves. It’s that mindset together with all the fun projects we do that makes the job so enjoyable.”

Amelie adds: “At Axis you get to be creative. There are no limits for new ideas if you want to try something new.”

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