Addy Ho

Business Development Manager, Retail, Greater China

Ahmed Ouf

Business Development Manager, Retail, Middle East

Alberto Alonso

Business Development Manager, Retail, Southern Europe

Anders Johansson

Global Product Manager

Andreas Göransson

Global Enterprise Marketing Manager

Andrea Sorri

Director Global Business Development, Enterprise & Medium Businesses

Andres Vigren

Global Product Manager

Anna Arwidi

Sales Manager, Enterprise & Medium Businesses

E. Anthony Incorvati

Business Development Manager, Transportation, North & Central America

Atul Rajput

Regional Director, Northern Europe

Barbara Johansson

Global Solution Marketing Manager

Björn Callenfors

Business Development Manager - Ecosystem

Carina Rietz

Solution Marketing Manager

Carl Staël von Holstein

Business Development Manager, Retail, Northern Europe

Carl Trotzig

Director, Quality & Environment

Christina Behle

Director, End-to-end solutions

Chris Wildfoerster

Business Development Manager, Audio Solutions

Derek Wang

Global Product Manager

Edwin Roobol

Marketing Director, EMEA

Erik Mårtensson

Global Product Manager

Ernst Westerhoff

Solutions Engineer, Middle Europe

Esther Noorman

Channel Marketing Coordinator, Middle Europe

Frank Sturm

Content Marketing Specialist, North & Central America

Fred Juhlin

Senior Consultant Solution Manager

Fredrik Andersson

Global Product Manager, New Solutions Initiatives

Fredrik Rylander

Key Account Manager, Sweden, Northern Europe

Graham Swallow

Business Development Manager, Retail, UK & Northern Europe

Håkan Hansson

Global Product Manager

Hedgie Bartol

Business Development Manager, Retail, North & Central America

Henrik Dunér

Expert Engineer, Fixed Cameras Electronics

Jamie Donald

Business Development Manager, Alliances, Enterprise & Medium Businesses

Jeff Coco

Director of Technical Services, North & Central America

Jenny Månsson

Director Business Development, Industry Segments & Strategic Alliances

Jens Strinsjö

Segment Lead Smart Cities, Northern Europe

Jerom Lemke

Global Product Manager, System Devices

Jesper Olavi

Global Product Manager

Jimmy Ek

Nordic Sales Manager

Joe Danielson

Global Solutions Marketing Manager, Enterprise Solutions

Joe Morgan

Business Development Manager, Critical Infrastructure, North & Central America

Johan Åkesson

Director Business Development, Retail

Johan Ledens

Sales Engineer

Johan Paulsson

Chief Technology Officer

John Allen

Business Development Manager, Access Control, Northern Europe

John Merlino

Business Development Manager, Government, North & Central America

Karin Brits

Global Solutions Marketing Manager, Enterprise Solutions

Karl Hill

Global Product & Portfolio Manager

Kristina Tullberg

Regional PR Specialist, Northern Europe

Larry Chay

Small Business Program Manager, North & Central America

Lena Heden

Manager, Content & Communications

Leonid Levit

Global Product Manager, Retail Solutions

Leopoldo Ruiz

Regional Director, Latin America

Louise Hobroh

Global Solution Marketing Manager

Lucas Young

Business Development Manager, Northern Europe

Magnus Lundegård

Global Product Manager

Magnus Zederfeldt

Director Business Development, Audio Solutions

Marcus Filipsson

Marketing Manager Special Projects

Mark McCormack

National Sales Manager, North & Central America

Martin Jensen

Global Product Manager

Martina Lundh

Martin Gren

Founder and Member of the Board of Directors

Martin Koffijberg

Director, Business Development, Banking & Finance

Mats Skogman

Head of Retail, Global Sales Solutions Enterprise & Medium Business

Mats Thulin

Director Core Technologies

Meraj Khan

Business Development Manager, Oil & Gas, Middle East & Africa

Michael Chen

Global Product Manager

Mitch Mershon

Niklas Rosell

Global Product Manager, Smart Camera Features

Ola Lennartsson

Global Product Manager

Olof Leidecker

Global Product Manager

Patrik Anderson

Director, Business Development, Transportation

Paul Baratta

Business Development Manager, Healthcare, North & Central America

Paulo Santos

Business Development Manager, South America

Peter Lindström

Executive Vice President Sales

Peter Rietz

Director Product Management

Petra Bennermark

Global Product Manager

Philippe Kubbinga

Regional Director, Middle Europe

Pierangelo Bertino

Small Business Account Manager, Southern Europe

Piergianni Marana

Key Account Manager, North-East Italy, Southern Europe

Pietro Tonussi

Business Development Manager, Banking, Southern Europe

Quang Trinh

Team Lead, Professional Services, North & Central America

Ralph Siegfried

Key Account Manager End Customer, DACH

Ray Mauritsson

President & Chief Executive Officer

Rick Snook

Business Development Manager, Canada, Retail & Banking

Róbert Urbánek

Global Product Manager

Rob Oldham

Key Account Manager, End Customers, South Central Americas

Rodrigo Guedes

Regional Communications Specialist, South America

Roy Alves

Sales Manager, Africa

Ryan Gregory

Director Solutions & Services, North & Central America

Ryan Zatolokin

Business Development Manager, Senior Technologist, North & Central America

Sabine Lecachey-Jarosz

Director, Global end Customers

Santiago Guaqueta

Solutions Engineer, North & Central America

Scott Dunn

Senior Director, Business Development, North & Central America

Sebastian Hultqvist

Global Product Manager

Shawn Keating

Global Sales Engineer

Sienna Dzanic

Enterprise Segment Marketing Manager, Banking

Stefan Lundberg

Expert Engineer, Technologies

Stephanie Hensler

Director, Business Development, Access Control

Stephen Joseph

Business Development Manager, Banking & Finance, North and Central America

Steven Kenny

Business Development Manager, Northern Europe

Suzanne Quinn

Sylvain Trompette

Business Development Manager, Access Control, Southern Europe

Timo Sachse

Product Analyst, EMEA

Vanessa Tyne

Senior Key Account Manager in Africa

Veronica Sällberg

Global Business Development Manager, Smart Cities

Vincent Paumier

Business Development Manager, Southern Europe

Wayne Dorris

Regional A&E Manager, North & Central America

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