About Fred Juhlin

Besides the passion for technology, system integration and solutions, Fred is deeply involved in Axis Cyber Security Strategy, continuously analyzing, finding improvement areas and missionary cyber awareness. After more than 20 years at Axis, having a number of different roles, he uses his wide knowledge of products, solutions and eco-system to assist coworkers being more successful.

Posts by Fred Juhlin:

    Common cyber threats in a video surveillance system

    For the last seven years I have been working with questions related to cybersecurity.  I have been investigating concepts and defining methodologies, security controls, vulnerabilities, policies and processes.  In more recent years, I have been looking at common cyber security threats, common mistakes, and common concerns within in our ecosystem, and felt it would be … Continued

      Physical security and cybersecurity – are they so different?

      Large organizations will typically have a physical security team and a separate IT team focused on cybersecurity.  Both teams protect the organization’s assets and resources.  So it is natural that one may think that this would make them great friends. The challenge is that the assets and resources are different.  Protection is an obstacle designed … Continued