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About Fred Juhlin

Besides the passion for technology, system integration and solutions, Fred is deeply involved in Axis Cyber Security Strategy, continuously analyzing, finding improvement areas and missionary cyber awareness. After more than 20 years at Axis, having a number of different roles, he uses his wide knowledge of products, solutions and eco-system to assist coworkers being more successful.

Posts by Fred Juhlin:

    Keep your cyber-door locked

    Locking the door is the first rule for a safe home. However, when it comes to cybersecurity, you may be leaving your system’s entrance open to malicious users. Over the last decade, the importance of data – and what can be done with it – has led to a new breed of cyber criminals. No […]

      Standard cyber protection

      Computer networks are constantly under attack. However, only a small number of these attacks are successful. The majority of cyber-attacks are opportunistic, not targeting a specific victim, but just poking and prodding by scanning for open networks/ports; trying easy-to-guess passwords; identifying unpatched network services or sending phishing emails. The attackers don’t want to spend any […]

        IP cameras – don’t leave your network door open

        While the vision of IoT is enticing for the convenience, capabilities and flexibility vast networks of connected devices offer, there is a growing risk for security threats and breaches as the number of entry points into a network dramatically increases.  In a recent survey by Cisco, 73% of business decision makers said they expect the […]