About Ricardo Marranita

Ricardo Marranita has more than 20 years accumulated experience in video surveillance, and has a background in engineering. He has done a bit of everything: from developing analytics to designing surveillance projects, but he has also worked as an integrator. Currently he works at Axis in Sweden since over 10 years, being the leading expert in cost optimization for surveillance systems.

Posts by Ricardo Marranita:

    Buying your next security system: five steps to optimize your investment

    Deciding which security system to purchase demands careful consideration. After all, security systems can last for five years or more, so weighing up all relevant factors at the start can lead to significant cost savings and an improved return on your investment (ROI) in the long run. While it may feel daunting, there are five […]

      How much does a security system actually cost?

      When buying a security system, decisions often come down to the price tag of cameras, storage, and installation, yet taking this approach can leave the end user with major challenges ahead. Surveillance systems last anywhere from five to 20+ years, so condensing all cost considerations down to the initial expense fails to consider the bigger […]