About Karin Brits

Karin is Global Marketing Manager at Axis, responsible for Critical Infrastructure. In this role, Karin works closely with regional sales and marketing teams to promote smart solutions that both increase critical productivity and ensures the safety of the environment and its people. Karin is a keen traveller who, after finishing her MBA in business Administration and Business law, worked in 3 different continents. She now lives in Lund with her family, where she spends a lot of time riding her bike, often to raise awareness for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund.

Posts by Karin Brits:

    Body worn camera versatility: addressing a variety of industry needs

    The usefulness of body worn cameras in law enforcement and security segments has been established. In the US, body worn solutions are even becoming mandatory for law enforcement agencies, state by state. Yet the availability of open-platform body worn cameras and increasingly smaller, lighter, and more discreet sensors has made this technology ideal for addressing … Continued

      How the choice of network video and audio impacts sustainability

      Organizations across all industries are increasingly adopting sustainable practices. This is being largely driven by consumers, from retail customers through to users of public services such as transport or healthcare. The push to greater sustainability is also being made by investors and wider stakeholders, including politicians, campaigners and even celebrities. Environmental considerations are vital, but … Continued

        Video surveillance for temporary structures

        There are a variety of reasons why temporary structures might be created, from makeshift hospitals in disaster relief locations to music festivals, sporting events, construction projects and beyond, sites erected quickly and for a limited amount of time are becoming more widespread. These structures can be left without adequate security measures in place due to … Continued