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Wayne Dorris is a Regional Architecture & Engineering Manager for Axis Communications in northeastern, mid-Atlantic and southeastern United States. He is responsible for managing field operations for the Axis A&E program and fostering collaborative relationships with architectural, engineering, and professional security consultants who design and specify IP-based security systems. Mr. Dorris serves as the technical liaison for Axis design tools, leads program marketing, and provides application support to individuals and organizations that influence product selection for their clients. Mr. Dorris has 25 years of experience in the security industry, including a dozen years in regional and senior management positions dedicated to field implementation of A&E programs. Prior to joining Axis, Mr. Dorris held the position of applications and field sales engineer for other security manufacturers. He also served eight years as the technical security director for a major fortune 150 company. Mr. Dorris is an active member of ASIS.

Posts by Wayne Dorris:

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