Carl Staël von Holstein

About Carl Staël von Holstein

Carl is responsible for developing the strategy and channel for Axis products and solutions within Industry 4.0 in the Nordics. He has got many years of experience in strategic selling and guiding customers through thought leadership communication. Carl is also an experienced as a key note speaker at high profile events.

Posts by Carl Staël von Holstein:

    Are you taking full advantage of open technologies in your building access control?

    Smart buildings are becoming a key part of the city landscape, but with so many factors involved in their development, it can be difficult to determine the right technology to improve building operations. One of the key considerations is access control. The rise of smart technology provides facilities managers with a high level of automated […]

      Marrying AI and manual labor for more effective assembly lines

      Digitization, automation, and Industry 4.0 are driving far-reaching changes in the manufacturing industry. But most of the mass production in industries such as automotive is still done by manual labor.  When it comes to manufacturing, there is quite naturally much talk about Industry 4.0. As you know, the industrial internet of things (IIoT), along with […]

        A perfect IIoT tool for integrators: how will you use it to innovate?

        Axis is all but synonymous with network-based surveillance cameras. The same operational efficiency, open APIs, and edge computing that built a world-leading position in that sector can be used for industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions, helping integrators and end-users improve productivity, safety, and quality while reducing waste and downtime. Ask anyone about robots, and […]

          Access control in retail: scalability and security in a unified solution

          The retail landscape is constantly shifting, and retailers are seeking to both optimize their offering to fit the changing needs of the market and increase efficiencies in their own operations. The connection of devices and technologies through the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought with opportunity to create numerous new functionalities, allowing retailers to apply […]

            Smart buildings: going beyond the hype to reap the benefits

            Open technology platforms are a giant leap towards building truly smart buildings. It has been a slow start but now things are starting to pick up speed. This blog gives examples of companies that reap the benefits. In a previous blog post on smart buildings, I noted that the real estate sector has been slow […]

              Are we already living in the future?

              Spearheading innovation is no easy thing. It takes commitment to soldier on through the tests and trials. But also, to combat the skepticism, opposition, and even ridicule that you can encounter when you go against the grain – which is often the case when you try to break new ground. For us innovation has always […]