About Magnus Lundegård

Magnus joined Axis in 2010 and now works as a Global Product Manager responsible for the Thermal Camera portfolio. He is a business-orientated leader with 20+ years of experience from team management and customer centered product development. Magnus works closely with the R&D teams in Lund as well as with Axis’ regional sales and marketing teams around the world. He is passionate about showing the world the great benefits of Thermal Camera solutions! When not at work he loves to travel, spend time with his two kids or enjoying kite surfing, mountainbiking and Padel. Magnus lives in Lomma in the south of Sweden, only a 8 min bike ride from one of Swedens’ best kite spots!

Posts by Magnus Lundegård:

    How thermal cameras boost your surveillance solution

    Thermal cameras can be used for various applications where accurate detection is crucial. From perimeter protection and detecting changes to ambient temperatures to patient monitoring to ensuring equipment is operating safely and many more. Thermal cameras are continuing to grow in popularity due to their ability to detect potential threats and reduce false alarms – … Continued

      Introducing thermal and radar for cost effective perimeter protection at sites of all scale

      This post is a collaboration between Magnus Lundegård & Niklas Lindman, Global Product Managers Thermal and Radar. Deploying radar technology and thermal imaging can create a more effective security solution for a wide range of installations, from small facilities such as builders’ yards, to large high value facilities, such as petrochemical plants and solar farms. … Continued