Erik Mårtensson

About Erik Mårtensson

Erik joined Axis in 2010, having spent several years working with the accessories team at Sony Ericsson. Now he is a Global Product Manager with a responsibility for a range of products, including modular cameras, encoders and companion line cameras and recorders. His role sees him being a part of a product’s entire life cycle, from inception to discontinuation. When not at work, Erik enjoys playing the piano, kayak paddling and spending time with his large family.

Posts by Erik Mårtensson:

    The development of onboard cameras in transportation

    Over the past decade, network cameras have become an essential part of transportation safety and security. Thanks to the technologies that can now be integrated onto , the range of solutions they can be a part of has also increased: from boosting security inside vehicles to enhancing safety in passenger boarding and alighting, from improving driver behavior […]

      Cameras where cameras have never been before

      In many scenarios, the size and visibility of a surveillance camera is of little importance. Indeed, visible cameras can often act as a useful deterrent to potential criminals, and therefore high visibility is a benefit and desired. And when surveillance cameras need to withstand harsh conditions and poor weather, in being robust they also naturally […]