About Graham Swallow

Graham is an Axis Business Development Manager for UK, Ireland and Nordic regions. He is responsible for our Retail sector and comes from a Retail background with experience in Loss Prevention and Investigation, Supply chain security and retail operations. Graham has worked in the Royal Airforce Police, and end to end Retail roles and applies his expertise and experience to improve security, safety and nett profit through network video applications for Retail customers. In his off-time Graham balances his love of food with off road cycling and gym work.

Posts by Graham Swallow:

    When can a retailer’s sustainability strategy be negatively impacted by a surveillance vendor

    Today, the meaning of the term sustainability expands beyond a retail organization’s focus on environmental credentials alone. Sustainability involves all aspects of enterprise, including the treatment of people as well as natural surroundings. Crucially, a sustainable approach to retail must fulfil the needs of the current generation without compromising those of future generations. For retailers, […]

      The smarter future of autonomous retail

      While the foundation of autonomous retail has been built up over the past few years, it is only now that retailers are beginning to fully experiment with the technology. Indeed, a small number of businesses have already forged ahead, including Amazon with the expansion of its Amazon Go chain and related app now seeing a […]

        The role of IP audio and video analytics in modern retail

        As another UK and Irish lock down slowly comes to a conclusion with an impressive vaccine roll-out ably assisted by retailers and the brilliant work by key workers to reduce the threat of Covid-19, the government have given us a glimpse of when and under what restrictions, non-essential brick and mortar retail may open and […]

          Are retailers doing enough to secure their customer data?

          Retail is constantly transforming, with self-service checkouts, the unmanned grocery store and ‘click and collect’ providing prime examples of the innovative ways in which technology has enhanced retail operations. Yet the systems that sit behind this frictionless shopping experience, with their complex layers of customer data, present a compelling and valuable target for cyber criminals. […]

            Retail crime: Network cameras combat the rising risk

            One of the biggest challenges facing retailers today is preventing crime against their business and dealing with the aftermath of an incident. The impact of organised retail crime groups operating within Europe is huge and appears to be on the increase. In the UK alone, we saw the total cost of crime suffered by the retail sector […]