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Martin Koffijberg is Director, Business Development, Banking & Finance for Axis Communications. Martin graduated from the Institute of Technology in Den Hague with a Bachelor degree in software engineering. He has a 35-year career in the Fintech industry with more than 15 years’ experience specific to ATMs. He has a deep understanding of ATM security and has advised financial institutions, industry partners and law enforcement agencies on the subject on multiple occasions.

Posts by Martin Koffijberg:

    Building trust in banking through robust cybersecurity

    There’s a old Dutch proverb: ”Trust arrives on foot, but leaves on horseback”. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of banking. It’s an industry built on trust between a bank and its customers, who hand over their most valuable assets and expect them to be kept safe and secure. For many decades after […]

      Enhancing the bank customer experience with video analytics and audio

      What is the best way to stand out in a highly regulated market where largely the same product offerings are available to every consumer? And most important, how do you maintain customer loyalty in such a commoditized market? This is the challenge for the world’s retail banks. Many would argue that exceptional customer service is […]

        How can banks balance privacy with safety and security in branches?

        Safety and security have always been a priority in banks as a way of ensuring that both the people inside the building and the bank’s assets are protected from harm. However, with the increase of video surveillance to ensure safety and security, the privacy of workers and visitors to bank branches needs to be addressed. […]

          Smart technologies to help banks improve customer experience

          FinTech adoption is not showing any signs of slowing down – it continues to disrupt the global financial services industry and its effect on the banking industry is highly significant. Banks are seeing the opportunities new innovations present and are focusing on how they can be harnessed to improve areas such as personal advisory services […]

            The untapped potential of video analytics in bank branch transformation

            Given the growth in digital and mobile banking, every retail bank in the world is faced with the challenge of how to transform its network of branches. Though the number of physical bank branches in many markets across the world is reducing (though not all, it must be said) they are far from disappearing entirely. […]