About Steven Kenny

Steven Kenny has spent 14 years in the security sector undertaking various roles that have seen him take responsibility for key elements of mission critical, high profile projects across a number of different vertical markets. For the last, four year’s Steven has focused his attentions on how technologies can best complement day to day operations and specifically address operational issues by supporting the A&E consultant community across Northern Europe. Steven is all a committee member for ASIS International focusing on Education for the security sector and the UK technology advisor for TINYg (Terrorist Information New York group).

Posts by Steven Kenny:

    Why an integrated approach to smart technology is critical for commercial buildings

    The last few years have been tumultuous for the commercial real estate market. Fortunately, we’re now in the midst of a resurgence and experiencing a sustained return to pre-pandemic occupancy levels. This is, of course a positive shift, but it’s important to bear in mind that the expectations of those who use these buildings have […]

      Cybersecurity opportunities for system integrators

      GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance and cybersecurity are intrinsically linked. While the former involves governments and regulators aiming to protect personal data, at the same time cybercriminals are planning how to steal this data for financial gain. The risks associated with complacency around GDPR compliance and inadequate cybersecurity have been much publicized in the […]

        UK Government confirms Protect Duty legislation

        Since my previous blog on the Protect Duty consultation, which ran from 26 February to 2 July 2021, the Government has published on 10 January 2022 its Protect Duty public consultation response document. After careful examination of the Government’s assessment, it would now seem certain that the Government intends to take the Protect Duty legislation […]

          How physical security technology can better protect the public realm

          In early 2021 we learned about a new piece of proposed legislation known as the Protect Duty, which looks set to change the way in which publicly accessible locations are secured. Following the consultation, which closed in July 21, the Government is reviewing the feedback. To my mind, this allows the security industry a period […]

            What are the cybersecurity issues in video surveillance?

            Cybersecurity should be an ongoing concern for consumers and companies in every sector, within their own organizations, amongst their stakeholders and throughout supply chains. The video surveillance industry is no exception. Far from the days of CCTV cameras, which held little to no information and were not connected to a network, the advances in digital […]