About Carina Rietz

Carina Rietz is a business oriented marketer with several years within an international environment holding positions within marketing, product management, project management and sales. She is with Axis since 2016 and happy to work as marketing manager for Axis audio solutions. When not working, Carina loves family life, a game of paddle, or being at sea. An ongoing project is to visit all the 7 wonders together with her family.

Posts by Carina Rietz:

    How network audio can be used to enhance security and operations in industrial sites

    By now most people are aware of the various ways network audio can be used to bring value to different environments. This could be prerecorded announcements reminding commuters of safety procedures on trains, messages to shoppers about the latest discounts, or even reassuring students that help is on the way following an incident on a […]

      How retailers can use network audio to level up in-store operations

      We are all used to hearing promotions, call-outs and notifications about closing time when shopping. Speakers in stores have been helpful for decades. But what about network audio, how can retailers benefit from using those instead of traditional speaker systems? And what happens when connecting audio with video? There are a number of ways that […]

        Listen to this: Exploring how network audio adds value to different use cases

        As humans, our connection to the world around us is based on our senses. Only with the help of sight, hearing, touch and smell are we able to interact with our surroundings, navigate and stay safe and secure. We have started to replicate the capabilities of these senses through technology, in the form of surveillance […]

          The impact of sounds on the human brain

          Voice services and audio communication are increasingly used together with cameras and analytics in network surveillance systems. And for a good reason. The human mind reacts to sounds the same way today that it always has. It either makes us feel safe, or prepares us for fight or flight. Using the right sound at the […]