About E. Anthony Incorvati

Anthony has 25 years’ experience in the transportation industry and during that time has seen the increasing influence that technology has had in transforming the ways that road, rail, air, and sea transport is managed, monitored, and monetized. In common with anyone who ever has reason to use it, Anthony’s primary aim is to help deliver solutions for safe, secure, clean, efficient and cost-effective transportation modes.

Posts by E. Anthony Incorvati:

    Driving toward the future of intelligent traffic with network surveillance technology

    Congested roadways. Bumper-to-bumper traffic. Beeping horns. Rush hour that actually felt like rush hour. About a year ago much of this disappeared—at least temporarily—as the nation went into lockdown and many people worked remotely. While less traffic was refreshing, signs of congestion are starting to reappear. Not to be an alarmist, but the traffic problems … Continued

      Using surveillance technology to drive operational efficiency in airports

      Right now, airports around the world are challenged with capacity. As passenger confidence returns, this has been met by staff shortages, meaning that many airports have struggled to cope with demand. As a result, long delays have impacted the customer experience. While security departments brace against the challenge that high capacity brings, there is economic … Continued

        Understanding the options and costs of airport perimeter protection

        It is no surprise that having robust perimeter protection to mitigate against the threat of intrusion is a top priority for airports. In an updated whitepaper, we review some of the technical options available to airports to effectively deter and detect perimeter intrusion in the most cost-efficient way. Addressing the challenges of airport perimeter protection … Continued