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A marketing manager with a master degree in International business administration. Sienna has 8 years’ of experience working in the banking industry, mostly within marketing and business development. When not working Sienna enjoys spending time with her family, she speaks four languages and loves traveling.

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    Energy efficiency in the data center: where every watt counts

    If the growth in the number and scale of data centers has been inexorable over recent years, it has only accelerated during the pandemic. As work and education has shifted from offices, schools and colleges to the kitchen table and lounge, our reliance on the internet and cloud-based services has also increased significantly. As a … Continued

      Security solutions for smart buildings. – Using analytics to keep the flow in your business

      In the quest for improved operations and sustainability metrics, smart buildings are starting to move front and center. Based on the same premise as smart cities, these connected structures both form and become part of a mini-ecosystem, interacting with the people, systems and external elements surrounding them. Smart buildings combine technology with data and the … Continued