About Elvis Law

Elvis has specialized in Smart City segment business development since 2018 and has been closely engaged with the Aviation industry since he joined Axis in Hong Kong. Prior to joining Axis, he had worked with GIS, Biometrics and Electronic Security industries. With a strong system engineering background and his passion for the security industry, he is now driving strategic initiatives in segment development across the APAC region.

Posts by Elvis Law:

    Insights driven by statistics are optimizing the highways network

    With thousands of kilometers of roads to cover, keeping track of the live situation across the highway network can only be effectively achieved with video surveillance. For traffic authorities, real-time intelligence provided by video surveillance enables a fast, effective response to the now, to achieve a smoother, safer flow of traffic. But for the longer […]

      Enhancing airfield safety and security

      The digital apron and digital tower are some of the latest airport innovations to enhance operational efficiency through real-time data awareness. But whether leveraging the advantages of this kind of digital management system or optimizing the operational efficiency of the traditional apron and control tower, real time surveillance data from across the airfield remains crucial. […]