Protecting our planet: implementing sustainable plastic materials in the security industry

    Amid rising concerns for the environment, there has been increased demand for sustainable practices across all industries. This has gone hand-in-hand with the introduction of new regulations and frameworks, such as the EU’s Sustainable Product Policy Initiative, which aims for ‘green’ products to become the norm for industry use. Initiatives like this are urging companies […]

      How network audio can be used to enhance security and operations in industrial sites

      By now most people are aware of the various ways network audio can be used to bring value to different environments. This could be prerecorded announcements reminding commuters of safety procedures on trains, messages to shoppers about the latest discounts, or even reassuring students that help is on the way following an incident on a […]

        Smart technologies for safe learning

        One of the main goals of any educational facility is to provide a safe environment for students to learn. It is important to foster a safe learning environment to enable teachers, parents, students, and staff to feel confidant that they are secure within the facilities at all times. Security solutions being implemented today provide more […]

          The power of knowledge in the security industry

          The perception of a lack of time for training is an ever-present challenge. As short-term priorities take precedence, training is often pushed back to the eternal tomorrow. And, training often has a cost to be factored into hard-fought budgets, as well as the commitment in employee manhours. However, constant learning and development is essential for […]

            Obtaining valid video evidence: fast forensic search with authentication

            The availability and authenticity of video data is playing an increasingly important role in legal proceedings, providing a clearer and more accurate representation of actual events. However, security teams and law enforcement officers must be equipped with video technology that can accurately provide video evidence that can hold in court. This key requirement has driven […]

              Thermal and radar: sight where there’s no light

              This post is a collaboration between Magnus Lundegård & Niklas Lindman, Global Product Managers Thermal and Radar. Modern surveillance cameras are loaded with technology that helps maintain a high-quality view of a scene in low-light and challenging conditions. But in situations where there is no ambient light at all – or where it would be […]

                Seeing the whole picture with panoramic cameras

                As the name suggests, panoramic cameras give a broader view of a scene from a single position than other types of surveillance camera. But this alone underplays their flexibility and value. In environments where full coverage with no blind spots is essential, panoramic cameras represent the ideal solution. Without compromising on image quality, using a […]