From trust to population dynamics: the broader trends affecting the security sector in 2020

    As a technology company, it’s obvious to say that we need to be highly aware of advancements and trends in technology in order to apply them in our solutions. For the past few years we have published a blog post which looks at the technology trends that will affect the security and surveillance industry over […]

      So, your access control is open – but is it agile?

      “Open” has become a buzzword in today’s access control discussions. Unfortunately, debate over what is or isn’t open may distract from the real issue: finding an access control solution that lets you be flexible, economical and proactive in meeting your challenges. Changing the perspective There’s a lot of talk about open access control – whether […]

        Deep learning on the edge

        This post is written by Eric Toffin is the CEO of Citilog. Read more about Eric at the end of this post. Increased processing power in the latest ARTPEC chip technology offers new possibilities for fully embedded deep learning applications at the edge. Citilog CEO Eric Toffin examines the evolution of intelligent traffic management solutions […]

          Welcome to the Little Shop of Surveillance Horrors!

          Managers and owners of shops are incredibly busy people, with multiple tasks to manage: making customers happy, keeping shelves stocked with products, managing staff, reducing and preventing loss…the list is almost endless. While in many stores video surveillance is in place, its ongoing management might not be a priority. And this can be costly when […]

            Physical security and cybersecurity – are they so different?

            Large organizations will typically have a physical security team and a separate IT team focused on cybersecurity.  Both teams protect the organization’s assets and resources.  So it is natural that one may think that this would make them great friends. The challenge is that the assets and resources are different.  Protection is an obstacle designed […]

              AI can hear you

              This post is written by Michiel Salters and Jasper van Dorp Schuitman from Sound Intelligence. Read more about Michiel and Jasper at the end of this post. Seeing and hearing go hand-in-hand when being aware of what is happening around us. So in security, it makes sense that audio as well as visual insight can […]

                Are retailers doing enough to secure their customer data?

                  Retail is constantly transforming, with self-service checkouts, the unmanned grocery store and ‘click and collect’ providing prime examples of the innovative ways in which technology has enhanced retail operations. Yet the systems that sit behind this frictionless shopping experience, with their complex layers of customer data, present a compelling and valuable target for cyber […]

                  Building trust in banking through robust cybersecurity

                  There’s a old Dutch proverb: ”Trust arrives on foot, but leaves on horseback”. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of banking. It’s an industry built on trust between a bank and its customers, who hand over their most valuable assets and expect them to be kept safe and secure. For many decades after […]