Protecting our planet: implementing sustainable plastic materials in the security industry

    Amid rising concerns for the environment, there has been increased demand for sustainable practices across all industries. This has gone hand-in-hand with the introduction of new regulations and frameworks, such as the EU’s Sustainable Product Policy Initiative, which aims for ‘green’ products to become the norm for industry use. Initiatives like this are urging companies […]

      Video analytics that improve workplace safety and health

      A concerning rise in workplace fatalities in Asia this year has prompted the Singapore government to introduce comprehensive new workplace safety and health (WSH) measures. These measures promote heightened worker safety programs, increase personal accountability for company executives, and identify technology as a key enabler for achieving better WSH outcomes. In this post we examine […]

        The seamless luxury retail experience: attracting conscious consumers while deterring criminals

        Millennials and Generation Z are now among the most affluent luxury brand consumers and their to shopping is influencing digital-led-approach to shopping is influencing global luxury trends. This market also demands personalized and seamless experiences, both in their online and offline activity. Meanwhile, in their consumer preferences, they are highly concerned with sustainability, and are […]

          Reflections on Smart City Expo World Congress 2022

          My colleagues and I recently returned to Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, one of the world’s leading exhibitions, and a global hub for knowledge sharing amongst those who work to create smarter and more liveable cities. With the increasing demand we see for video analytics in city infrastructure, we were keen to […]

            How network audio can be used to enhance security and operations in industrial sites

            By now most people are aware of the various ways network audio can be used to bring value to different environments. This could be prerecorded announcements reminding commuters of safety procedures on trains, messages to shoppers about the latest discounts, or even reassuring students that help is on the way following an incident on a […]

              Smart technologies for safe learning

              One of the main goals of any educational facility is to provide a safe environment for students to learn. It is important to foster a safe learning environment to enable teachers, parents, students, and staff to feel confidant that they are secure within the facilities at all times. Security solutions being implemented today provide more […]

                The power of knowledge in the security industry

                The perception of a lack of time for training is an ever-present challenge. As short-term priorities take precedence, training is often pushed back to the eternal tomorrow. And, training often has a cost to be factored into hard-fought budgets, as well as the commitment in employee manhours. However, constant learning and development is essential for […]