The 6 technology trends affecting the security sector in 2023

    The fact that technology has become pervasive in our personal and work lives is not news. This is largely due to the benefits that new technologies bring to business and citizens around the world in delivering new, more effective, and increasingly efficient services. However, the depth of technology’s integration into our lives, advances in its […]

      Building resilience across industrial sites and critical infrastructure

      Critical infrastructure and industrial sites make up the backbone of our society, providing essential services such as energy, water, pharma and chemical, to name just a few. Disruption to these industries can have serious repercussions, so it is vital that those providing these services can maintain business continuity, even if struck by a cyberattack, natural […]

        How AI and computer vision are driving the future of retail

        The retail industry has faced several changes over the past few years, including increased online trade, digitalization within stores, changes to the workforce and even shoppers’ preferences. These changes have led to further innovation in physical retail stores and even accelerated some existing developments. One such advanced technology that is gaining a lot attention in […]

          Cybersecurity is (still) a shared responsibility

          The cyberthreat landscape is continuously evolving. Following recent geopolitical events, we have seen the landscape shift from mostly opportunistic to much more targeted and organized. The emergence of new cybercriminals and ‘attack vectors’ means any networked products and services are now at potential risk of attack. Whether this is unauthorized access, exploitation of vulnerabilities, or […]

            5 tips for purchasing a body worn camera solution

            Body worn cameras are increasingly recognized as being a valuable complement to traditional surveillance, offering a perspective that is comparable to the wearer’s own and, in that, providing video and audio useful in a number of scenarios. There are myriad benefits to implementing body worn cameras and use cases extend across a range of industries […]

              Body worn camera versatility: addressing a variety of industry needs

              The usefulness of body worn cameras in law enforcement and security segments has been established. In the US, body worn solutions are even becoming mandatory for law enforcement agencies, state by state. Yet the availability of open-platform body worn cameras and increasingly smaller, lighter, and more discreet sensors has made this technology ideal for addressing […]

                Empowering flexible and scalable solutions with modular cameras

                We are all familiar with traditional video surveillance cameras in retail stores, at banks, as we travel through airports or eat at restaurants. Over the past several decades, security cameras have become almost ubiquitous in our daily lives. They might blend into the background yet are still instantly recognizable: a dome in a ceiling, perhaps, […]

                  Insights driven by statistics are optimizing the highways network

                  With thousands of kilometers of roads to cover, keeping track of the live situation across the highway network can only be effectively achieved with video surveillance. For traffic authorities, real-time intelligence provided by video surveillance enables a fast, effective response to the now, to achieve a smoother, safer flow of traffic. But for the longer […]