About Stefan Lundberg

Part of the team behind the world’s first network camera, launched by Axis in 1996, Stefan is a Rockstar of technological innovation. As a long-serving expert technologies engineer, it would be fair to say that he has been involved in every single piece of cutting-edge technology that the company has taken to market since he joined just in time to do image tuning of our first camera. When not tinkering with technology in the R&D department, Stefan likes to ski, fixing things or taking pictures with his Canon camera.

Posts by Stefan Lundberg:

    Cut the storage. Not the quality

    Over the past 10 years we have seen surveillance cameras deliver ever-improving image quality. Today’s cameras can feature videos with amazingly detailed resolution at high frame rates. Wide dynamic range technology enables today’s cameras to capture detailed images even in scenes with complex light, while advanced image sensors allow for high-resolution color video even in … Continued

      How can augmented reality and video surveillance work together?

      What began with daydreaming, quickly progressed to innovation, and has now reached the point of bringing certain – “what if?” scenarios to life. We are starting to see industries experience the benefits of integrating augmented reality (AR) with their video surveillance. With more use cases opening up as further AR applications come to market, now … Continued