About Christoffer Sernevi

Christoffer is the Product Manager for AXIS Device Management. Since 2014 he has had various roles at Axis, focused on helping partners and end customers to solve their problems. Within these roles he has established new ways to do internal training for sales engineers, and has worked with both professional services and cybersecurity. He received a Masters in Automation and Mechatronics from Chalmers University in Gothenburg, and prior to working at Axis he worked for a German industrial automation manufacturer as Product Specialist/Field Sales Engineer. In his spare time, Christoffer loves to ride his bikes, both on tarmac and on gravel, and prefers to disregard his own age as he tries to conquer bigger and bigger jumps on the downhill tracks.

Posts by Christoffer Sernevi:

    How to maintain cybersecurity across all your devices

    Network administrators are under significant and increasing pressure to make sure their networks are designed and operated securely. So it is important that they have the right knowledge and tools to manage cybersecurity throughout the life cycle of all devices in the system. In this post, we will explore the cybersecurity best practices specific to […]