About Andres Vigren

Andres Vigren is Global Product Manager at Axis Communications. He is responsible for establishing Axis’ world class portfolio of fixed box cameras. Andres has grown up with cameras as his parents were photographers and also managed several camera stores. Prior to joining Axis Communications, he was Strategic Business Developer and Key Account Manager within industrial automation at Beijer Electronics.

Posts by Andres Vigren:

    Understanding the essentials of video surveillance

    Video surveillance is the use of video cameras and other devices to monitor, analyze, and document activities in particular locations. In this piece we will talk through the fundamental principles of video surveillance by outlining: The basic composition of surveillance systems The different types of cameras that can be used How analytics technologies are enhancing … Continued

      Surveillance technology that’s as blind as a bat

      It’s actually a myth that bats have very poor eyesight. In fact, some species have very good eyesight. But what really allows a bat to be so highly attuned to its surroundings, able to safely navigate their way through forests, and be aware of other objects and animals in their immediate environment is highly sophisticated … Continued

        Artificial intelligence on the edge: the opportunities for video surveillance

        In the world of video surveillance, one of the primary benefits of edge computing will be the ability to undertake advanced analytics using artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning within cameras themselves. Firstly, what do we mean by “on the edge”? The number of devices on the edge of our security networks is growing and … Continued

          Top 3 technologies that can “see” in the dark

          When securing a location, it’s not uncommon to face challenging light conditions, especially if you don’t have easy access to artificial light sources. However, there are technologies that allow you to easily guard your perimeter, even in the dark. Say you need to surveil a remote critical infrastructure, such as an oil and gas facility … Continued