About Jerom Lemke

Jerom Lemke is Global Product Manager at Axis Communications, responsible for a broad range of IoT-based products. Passionate about technology, Jerom explores new innovations and product opportunities to strengthen Axis’ network devices portfolio. Before joining Axis in 2017, he held different roles as Business Development Manager and Sales Manager in several countries in Europe and Latin America. When not working, Jerom enjoys travelling and spending time with his family.

Posts by Jerom Lemke:

    How panoramic and PTZ cameras add value in cities

    Imagine being in a busy city square and an incident occurs in the far corner. You hear shouting and perhaps see a scuffle, but would you be able to provide accurate details of what happened based on your view? Chances are that there are some elements that you missed due to the distance, obstructions to … Continued

      Seeing the whole picture with panoramic cameras

      As the name suggests, panoramic cameras give a broader view of a scene from a single position than other types of surveillance camera. But this alone underplays their flexibility and value. In environments where full coverage with no blind spots is essential, panoramic cameras represent the ideal solution. Without compromising on image quality, using a … Continued