About Timo Sachse

Timo Sachse is Product Analyst EMEA at Axis Communications. One of his responsibilities is communicating Axis innovations and their benefits to end users. In this, he is regularly testing new products and pre-production models and is in close touch with our product development team in Sweden.

Posts by Timo Sachse:

    Cybersecurity is (still) a shared responsibility

    The cyberthreat landscape is continuously evolving. Following recent geopolitical events, we have seen the landscape shift from mostly opportunistic to much more targeted and organized. The emergence of new cybercriminals and ‘attack vectors’ means any networked products and services are now at potential risk of attack. Whether this is unauthorized access, exploitation of vulnerabilities, or … Continued

      The importance of testing analytics algorithms in the real world

      Anything developed and tested in ideal ‘lab’ conditions can find its performance compromised in real-world environments. The perfect conditions in a wind tunnel might, on paper, have a designer believe she’s engineered the world’s best Formula One racing car. But on a blustery April day on the Portuguese coast the testing models can, quite literally, … Continued

        What factors should you consider for optimal video analytics performance?

        AI continues to be hailed as the technology that will augment and improve human performance in many sectors and the video surveillance industry is no exception. AI-based analytics is increasingly being used to quickly process large amounts of data and trigger actions. These functions help to support a security team when monitoring large and changing … Continued

          Surveillance camera maintenance – who cares?

          Maintenance of surveillance cameras might not seem like the sexiest of topics, but without doubt it’s one of the most important. Without regular and diligent maintenance – both ‘digital’ and physical – the quality of video images will start to erode, and the risks of failure grow. The need for the ‘digital’ maintenance of surveillance … Continued

            Future-proofing video surveillance investments with edge analytics

            You’ve probably heard of ‘edge analytics’ (or ‘analytics on the edge’) in relation to video surveillance. Put in its simplest form, it relates to increasingly powerful video analytics taking place on the ‘edge’ of the network, i.e. in the camera itself. My colleague Andres Vigren’s recent post provides a great introduction. As with any new … Continued