Equal and approved!

    Let’s kick things off with a bold statement: this article may raise eyebrows, but it dives into a crucial conversation about the issues and complexities resulting from this common specification phrase. “Equal and approved” is a term often included by consultants in project specifications, and it’s quickly become every contractor’s new best friend. But what’s … Continued

      Why professional certification matters when choosing the right partner

      Considering the rate of change of the video surveillance industry, it can be difficult to know which companies to partner with to meet your security and safety needs. Faced with a plethora of potential partners, what criteria should you be considering when making your decision? Evidence of further education is a good place to start … Continued

        How using the right tool will enable more efficiencies in security solution design and installation

        Reducing the time between an organization identifying what it needs from a security solution to having that system not only operational, but also configured for optimal performance, is a clear benefit to both the end customers and systems integrators. Using a system design tool that integrates every aspect of the design process offers a way … Continued

          Surveillance camera maintenance – who cares?

          Maintenance of surveillance cameras might not seem like the sexiest of topics, but without doubt it’s one of the most important. Without regular and diligent maintenance – both ‘digital’ and physical – the quality of video images will start to erode, and the risks of failure grow. The need for the ‘digital’ maintenance of surveillance … Continued

            The power of knowledge in the security industry

            The perception of a lack of time for training is an ever-present challenge. As short-term priorities take precedence, training is often pushed back to the eternal tomorrow. And, training often has a cost to be factored into hard-fought budgets, as well as the commitment in employee manhours. However, constant learning and development is essential for … Continued