About Peter Dempsey

Peter Dempsey has spent 25+ years in the security sector undertaking various roles that have seen him take responsibility for key elements of mission critical, high profile projects across a number of different vertical markets. For the last, two year’s Peter has focused his attentions on how security technologies best support a business’s security strategy, whilst driving the adoption and elevating the importance of cybersecurity and emerging technologies for physical security practitioners in the Data Centre vertical. As key account manager for Axis Communications, Peter has been instrumental in driving the Axis strategy for Data Centres across Northern Europe and the wider EMEA region. Peter’s passion for Data Centres can be traced back to the huge success in Ireland with Hyper Scale and Multi-Tenant Data Centre (MTDC) deployments over the last number of years, the key to this success was his commitment to deliver a reliable sustainable solution that delivers every time and that will mitigate any downtime.

Posts by Peter Dempsey:

    How to improve physical security of data centers through device interoperability

    Many businesses now rely on data centers to house the vast volumes of data they produce on a daily basis. Data centers offer convenience, enabling high-capacity data storage that allows companies to do away with servers stored on-premises, and their associated maintenance and management costs. Much has been written about the high levels of cybersecurity … Continued

      How to support data centers on the digital transformation journey with network cameras

      Data might be the most valuable strategic resource we have, but only when it’s used effectively. Although siloed data helps keep individual systems simple, it also represents a missed opportunity. Unity of data is the key to creating truly powerful business intelligence. This integration of data and the linking together of sensors and actuators with … Continued

        How increasing drone use is ushering in a new threat vector for data centers

        Drones are becoming big business. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is predicted to see huge increases as their legitimate function within enterprise environments such as agriculture, construction, media, and law enforcement deliver significant operational benefits. But the expected growth of drones, given by one source to be as much as 67% CAGR over … Continued