About Louise Hobroh

Louise Hobroh has worked in marketing and communications for 20 years, within the packaging, furniture and car industry. With a Master of Science in Industrial Management and Engineering, she joined Axis in 2018 as Global Marketing Manager for the Banking and Retail segment. Since 2019, Louise has focused on driving and supporting marketing initiatives across nine regions, promoting smart solutions that improve loss prevention, safety & security, operational efficiency and customer experience for retail customers. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with friends and family in her summer house, where she also practices SUP (stand up paddle) yoga. Namaste.

Posts by Louise Hobroh:

    Preparing for a rise in retail cyberthreats ahead of the holiday season

    Like any retailer, you’re likely currently in the midst the busiest time of the year – for instance, the recent Singles Day and Black Friday. The holiday season also brings with it increased activity and revenue as customers flock to your website or your physical store to complete their shopping. While lots of preparation goes […]

      How AI and computer vision are driving the future of retail

      The retail industry has faced several changes over the past few years, including increased online trade, digitalization within stores, changes to the workforce and even shoppers’ preferences. These changes have led to further innovation in physical retail stores and even accelerated some existing developments. One such advanced technology that is gaining a lot attention in […]

        How network audio and video solutions support the evolution of retail pharmacies

        The physical retail industry is constantly looking at ways to use technology to tackle their biggest challenges, especially when faced with increasing competition from online counterparts. The retail pharmacy sector is no exception and due to market shifts and changing restrictions, some have undergone a bit of an evolution. They have moved beyond simply distributing […]

          From autonomous robots to real-time personalization – the top retail trends for 2023 and beyond

          Ecommerce and online shopping have become the bedrocks of the retail industry and we’re now in the middle of a third retail shift, characterized by automation, social engagement and hyper personalization. According to a new report titled ‘Radical retail 2030’, shoppers and communities are increasingly becoming co-creators, and the physical world is merging with the […]

            The seamless luxury retail experience: attracting conscious consumers while deterring criminals

            Millennials and Generation Z are now among the most affluent luxury brand consumers and their digital-led-approach to shopping is influencing global luxury trends. This market also demands personalized and seamless experiences, both in their online and offline activity. Meanwhile, in their consumer preferences, they are highly concerned with sustainability, and are placing increased demands on […]

              Safety, security, and efficiency across the logistics center

              While the significant spike in online retail volume has declined somewhat since the Covid peak, its trajectory continues to rise. In the US, at the end of last year, total e-commerce trade as a share of total retail sales reached 13%, while in the UK the current figure is more than 26%. This increase continues […]