Why managed services matter for hybrid cloud solutions

    We are experiencing a growing trend in demand for cloud solutions and services. With today’s fast-paced digital transformation, businesses are continuously seeking ways to leverage technology to drive efficiency, scalability, and innovation. Cloud computing and the services it provides can be the answer to these needs, which explains the accelerated adoption of cloud technology. However, … Continued

      Balancing value and total cost of ownership in city surveillance

      As data becomes more valuable and important to cities in realizing their smart city vision, authorities are investing in technologies that create, collect and analyze data. Video surveillance cameras and connected devices – the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) – are central among them. Every technology used in a city comes at a cost, including … Continued

        The potential for MQTT in realizing the smart city vision

        The technology industry loves an acronym, and here’s one might be new to a lot of people: MQTT. And while the acronym itself doesn’t give much away, even the expanded version – Message Queue Telemetry Transport – doesn’t help a great deal more, nor give a sense of its potential. But as a communications protocol … Continued

          Protecting the world’s data centers

          Data centers have become an intrinsic part of modern society. Both public and private spheres depend on them to function, be it for local or remote operations, the flow of information and connectivity, digital transformation and improved services, smart cities, intelligence gathering, or data storage purposes. And with the vertical forecast to grow at a … Continued

            How surveillance cameras add value to digital twin cities

            Virtual worlds have been receiving a lot of attention recently, not least due to the focus on the potential new ‘metaverse’ we’ll all no doubt be encouraged to join. From a smart city perspective, creating models of the processes and journeys occurring across the urban environment can bring many benefits, helping city authorities more quickly … Continued

              Global Lighting and Electronics Specialist using AI to boost lean manufacturing at assembly lines

                This post is written by Huri Mendoza, Global Director of Operational Excellence at Hella KGaA. Read more about Huri at the end. The competition is razor-sharp in the automotive industry, which is true throughout the value chain. Hella is a major supplier to this industry, so these conditions define the company’s daily operation. No … Continued