So, your access control is open – but is it agile?

    “Open” has become a buzzword in today’s access control discussions. Unfortunately, debate over what is or isn’t open may distract from the real issue: finding an access control solution that lets you be flexible, economical and proactive in meeting your challenges. Changing the perspective There’s a lot of talk about open access control – whether […]

      Welcome to the Little Shop of Surveillance Horrors!

      Managers and owners of shops are incredibly busy people, with multiple tasks to manage: making customers happy, keeping shelves stocked with products, managing staff, reducing and preventing loss…the list is almost endless. While in many stores video surveillance is in place, its ongoing management might not be a priority. And this can be costly when […]

        AI can hear you

        This post is written by Michiel Salters and Jasper van Dorp Schuitman from Sound Intelligence. Read more about Michiel and Jasper at the end of this post. Seeing and hearing go hand-in-hand when being aware of what is happening around us. So in security, it makes sense that audio as well as visual insight can […]

          Tackling unwanted vehicle blocks with parking violation detection

          This post is written by Jerome Douret who is VP Innovation and Products at Citilog. Read more about Jerome at the end of this post. Illegally or wrongly parked vehicles present a nuisance to private property owners, causing blockages, delaying the flow of business and revenue. They could also present a potential health and safety […]

            Spotting illegal parking with video analytics

            Vehicles parked in the red zone are a pain in the best-case scenario, and a serious danger to other road users in the worst, but Smart Cities have the potential to identify and tackle the issue quickly, preventing accidents and traffic jams. We have seen a growing trend of cities becoming “smarter”, solving everyday problems […]

              Cut the storage. Not the quality

              Over the past 10 years we have seen surveillance cameras deliver ever-improving image quality. Today’s cameras can feature videos with amazingly detailed resolution at high frame rates. Wide dynamic range technology enables today’s cameras to capture detailed images even in scenes with complex light, while advanced image sensors allow for high-resolution color video even in […]