Retailers Have a New Superpower

    This is a joint post between Jody Bishop and James Stark. Next-Gen Computer Vision Offers Extraordinary Abilities and Insights The old adage “knowledge is power” is as true today as it ever was. It’s clear that individuals and organizations make better decisions when armed with accurate and timely information. Today, advanced technology plays a major […]

      Creating complete solutions at the edge

      The paradigm of video surveillance solutions being predominantly server-based has been challenged over recent years. Central to this has been the increased processing capabilities of surveillance cameras themselves, which have effectively become powerful network computing devices with high quality lenses as their primary sensor. Our system-on-a-chip, ARTPEC, is the foundation. Now in its 8th iteration, […]

        Establishing an Analytics Maturity Model

        The world of video surveillance has changed considerably over the past several decades. Analog cameras have fallen by the wayside in favor of internet protocol (IP) cameras capable of providing better image quality and vastly increased processing power. This has paved the way for the emergence of video analytics tools that can greatly enhance the […]

          How network audio can be used to enhance security and operations in industrial sites

          By now most people are aware of the various ways network audio can be used to bring value to different environments. This could be prerecorded announcements reminding commuters of safety procedures on trains, messages to shoppers about the latest discounts, or even reassuring students that help is on the way following an incident on a […]

            Smart technologies for safe learning

            One of the main goals of any educational facility is to provide a safe environment for students to learn. It is important to foster a safe learning environment to enable teachers, parents, students, and staff to feel confidant that they are secure within the facilities at all times. Security solutions being implemented today provide more […]

              Thermal and radar: sight where there’s no light

              This post is a collaboration between Magnus Lundegård & Niklas Lindman, Global Product Managers Thermal and Radar. Modern surveillance cameras are loaded with technology that helps maintain a high-quality view of a scene in low-light and challenging conditions. But in situations where there is no ambient light at all – or where it would be […]