QR codes for smart, cost-effective access control

Have you ever thought of sending QR codes to manage the visitors and suppliers permitted to access your facility? If not, there are many good reasons to consider using QR codes as virtual credentials instead of traditional plastic cards.

Cost-effective and sustainable

There are a range of QR code-based access control solutions from Axis to consider; all of which not only reduce your costs of purchasing, handling, printing, distributing and disposing of physical cards, and have a huge positive impact on the environment and carbon emissions.

The move away from physical to digital credentials is another example of how Axis is embracing a philosophy of sustainability and dematerialization in its security and access control offerings.


The QR code solution using Axis technology is only available via our ADP access partners, where Axis integrates a QR video analytic onboard its IP cameras and/or video door stations in combination with the AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller which communicate with a third party access control software.

While QR code solutions are not ideal for high security demands, they can be very helpful for improving the efficiency of handling visitor management in the common areas of a building or property.

A typical situation is when an external visitor receives a QR code on their mobile phone, allowing them to enter your facility or parking area without having to stop at the front desk. Another typical scenario is the management of late deliveries when no staff are on site. The supplier — with the QR code already on their mobile device — can simply display it in front of the Axis video door station to gain access to specific areas at your facility.

License plate recognition

Another interesting usage case for QR codes is when they are integrated with license plate recognition technology by hotels to handle guest parking. When booking a room, a guest can provide their car license plate number and receive a QR code which would securely grant access to the hotel parking garage. In addition, with the right systems in place, guests could gain access when a camera picks up their license plate.

QR codes and integrated systems

An additional solution that involves a QR code is its usage in combination with audio. Here, Axis has developed a solution that uses IP audio clips embedded into its intercom products. A typical example of this is when a QR code is presented at a parking entrance and it gets rejected. In such a case, a voice message will be sent from the Axis network video door station indicating the reason why and advising the visitor to press the call button to be connected to a remote operator.

Also, if access control is integrated into an Axis video surveillance system, the onsite Axis IP camera can upload Axis QR code analytics. This replaces expensive QR code readers.

It is clear that using QR codes in place of traditional entry systems can both improve visitor management and contribute towards dematerialization. It reduces costs associated with traditional physical credentials — with the lowest impact on the environment – for a smarter approach to access control.

To learn more about Axis’ access control solutions, follow this link.

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