Preventing workplace violence in healthcare

    Workplace violence is declining, so why is it still so prevalent in healthcare facilities all over the world? A recent 2022 survey from National Nurses United (NNU) revealed significant increases in staffing issues, workplace violence, and moral distress compared to the previous year. Nearly half of hospital nurses (48 percent) reported an increase in workplace […]

      Studying up on school safety

      Every morning, an estimated 56 million children head to school across the United States, according to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Keeping these students safe is of the utmost importance for any school, but with increased threats and security challenges, it is important to consider how schools can improve their security measures. Schools are […]

        QR codes for smart, cost-effective access control

        Created in the mid-1990s, QR codes* have become increasingly prominent over the past few years, particularly in industries where low-touch solutions have been required. Within access control systems, traditional plastic cards are still prevalent as credentials. However, these can be lost or shared between visitors, making it difficult to control and monitor who is getting […]

          Are you taking full advantage of open technologies in your building access control?

          Smart buildings are becoming a key part of the city landscape, but with so many factors involved in their development, it can be difficult to determine the right technology to improve building operations. One of the key considerations is access control. The rise of smart technology provides facilities managers with a high level of automated […]

            How IP intercoms can enhance video surveillance systems

            Customer attitudes and demands have continued to shape the security sector, driving ongoing market and industry changes. As a result, new use cases have emerged for security and safety, related to building access, communication and control across a variety of sectors. These have set the scene for security professionals to rethink how intercom technology is […]

              Video surveillance for temporary structures

              There are a variety of reasons why temporary structures might be created, from makeshift hospitals in disaster relief locations to music festivals, sporting events, construction projects and beyond, sites erected quickly and for a limited amount of time are becoming more widespread. These structures can be left without adequate security measures in place due to […]