Enhancing the bank customer experience with video analytics and audio

    What is the best way to stand out in a highly regulated market where largely the same product offerings are available to every consumer? And most important, how do you maintain customer loyalty in such a commoditized market? This is the challenge for the world’s retail banks. Many would argue that exceptional customer service is … Continued

      Modern technologies for school emergency preparedness

      School security standards are ever-changing, with an increasing number of schools across the globe now practicing “lockdown” measures to safeguard against potential threats. These range from medical emergencies, irate parents, and gangs in the community, to more acute, active assailant threats. While there are a wide variety of “lockdown solutions” available on the market to … Continued

        Studying up on school safety

        Every morning, an estimated 56 million children head to school across the United States, according to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Keeping these students safe is of the utmost importance for any school, but with increased threats and security challenges, it is important to consider how schools can improve their security measures. Schools are … Continued

          Enhanced safety and security solutions central to modern convenience stores and gas stations

          In the near future, the evidence is clear that the number of electric vehicles (EV) will exceed conventionally fuelled cars. For gas stations, an implication of EV growth is increased visit duration. Even with the progression in rapid charging technology, the process takes longer than filling with fuel, enhancing the opportunity for the gas station … Continued

            Listen up – why network audio adds value for organizations

            Audio adds a new dimension to an organization’s security solution. Deterrence messages can be used to respond to in-progress and potential incidents. Its usefulness can also go beyond security, for example, with voice messages for safety or supporting your marketing objectives and improving customer experience. When considering whether it’s time to make a new investment … Continued

              Building a smart city ecosystem that keeps citizens safe

              Public safety authorities, law enforcement and emergency services are tasked with protecting residents and visitors. This means implementing technology and processes which not only tackle crime and keep citizens safe, but also enable a fast response to emergency situations. Given public sector budget constraints, innovative and scalable technology solutions have proven vital to improving citizen … Continued