Cybersecurity as the foundation for smart cities

    Cybersecurity across all of a city’s departments, functions and systems has always been a challenge. As city infrastructure becomes more connected in themselves, and include millions of new connected devices and sensors, they never been more vulnerable. Whether looking to cause disruption or extract a ransom, city infrastructure has become a popular target for cyberattacks. … Continued

      Preparing for a rise in retail cyberthreats ahead of the holiday season

      Like any retailer, you’re likely currently in the midst the busiest time of the year – for instance, the recent Singles Day and Black Friday. The holiday season also brings with it increased activity and revenue as customers flock to your website or your physical store to complete their shopping. While lots of preparation goes … Continued

        Building resilience across industrial sites and critical infrastructure

        Critical infrastructure and industrial sites make up the backbone of our society, providing essential services such as energy, water, pharma and chemical, to name just a few. Disruption to these industries can have serious repercussions, so it is vital that those providing these services can maintain business continuity, even if struck by a cyberattack, natural … Continued

          Cybersecurity is (still) a shared responsibility

          The cyberthreat landscape is continuously evolving. Following recent geopolitical events, we have seen the landscape shift from mostly opportunistic to much more targeted and organized. The emergence of new cybercriminals and ‘attack vectors’ means any networked products and services are now at potential risk of attack. Whether this is unauthorized access, exploitation of vulnerabilities, or … Continued

            The critical role of lifecycle management in maintaining strong cybersecurity

            It there’s one thing the rise in highly-publicized data breaches has taught us it’s that cybersecurity should be a priority for every organization with a network. Threats from unauthorized and unwanted intrusion are real. And if you’re not vigilant in protecting your devices and systems, the results can be catastrophic—anything from loss of customer confidence … Continued

              Common cyber threats in a video surveillance system

              For the last seven years I have been working with questions related to cybersecurity.  I have been investigating concepts and defining methodologies, security controls, vulnerabilities, policies and processes.  In more recent years, I have been looking at common cyber security threats, common mistakes, and common concerns within in our ecosystem, and felt it would be … Continued