About Andrea Monteleone

Andrea Monteleone is Segment Development Manager EMEA for Axis, focusing on Critical Infrastructure. He collaborates to define Axis’ long-term strategies for that specific segment and he supports the sales and marketing organizations across EMEA in meeting customers’ needs. Over the last 15 years, he has been the Sales Manager for many companies in the Security market, joining Axis in 2016. In the spare time, you can find him climbing, skiing or paragliding in the hearth of the Italian Alps.

Posts by Andrea Monteleone:

    Building resilience across industrial sites and critical infrastructure

    Critical infrastructure and industrial sites make up the backbone of our society, providing essential services such as energy, water, pharma and chemical, to name just a few. Disruption to these industries can have serious repercussions, so it is vital that those providing these services can maintain business continuity, even if struck by a cyberattack, natural … Continued

      How to manage the changing cybersecurity landscape for critical infrastructure and industrial operations

      Consultants and specialists designing and implementing surveillance and security solutions for industry and critical infrastructure face unique pressures. The physical protection of such ‘essential entities’ (as regulation increasingly refers to them) is obviously paramount, but today they also face the need to support protection from attacks in the digital realm. In addition, a changing regulatory … Continued