Sustainably meeting the security and operational needs of solar farms

    It is undeniable that the world is in a climate change crisis, and the need for action is more than pressing – it’s vital. Encouragingly, the amount of energy created from renewable sources – something that will be central to nations meeting their targets for reduction of CO2 emissions – is growing around the world. […]

      Smoke detection analytics in explosion-protected cameras: safety where it’s needed most

      “There’s no smoke without fire” is a proverb most of us are familiar with, but even taking its literal meaning is of value: smoke is an early warning of a much more serious potential issue if not tackled quickly. In any environment – from public spaces to warehouses, from stadiums to factories – it’s obvious […]

        Video and beyond: the multiple benefits of explosion-protected cameras

        No matter if you call them explosion-protected or explosion-proof cameras, they are designed to remove the risk of the camera creating a spark that could cause an explosion in a hazardous environment. While this is, of course, a key feature, it doesn’t fully describe the multiple benefits that explosion-protected cameras can bring. Safety remains at […]

          Explosion-protected cameras, explosion-proof cameras and flame-proof cameras. What’s the difference?

          We’ll admit it, the technology industry can be terrible for creating jargon which almost seems designed to confuse rather than bring clarity. In our area of the sector, a question we’re often asked is: “What’s the difference between an explosion-protected camera, an explosion-proof camera and a flame-proof camera?” In truth, the answer is: “Not very […]

            Protecting critical infrastructure in a world of escalating cyberattacks

            Examples of the increasing number and severity of cyberattacks against critical infrastructure are, unfortunately, easier than ever to find. A recent example occurred in May 2021, when the hacking group DarkSide infected computers of Colonial Pipeline – the operator of the largest pipeline system for refined oil products in the United States – with ransomware […]

              Protecting water utilities through smart surveillance

              The provision of clean water is undoubtedly a critical aspect of a functioning society, and even this may be understating its importance. It’s an often-quoted fact that a human can survive more than three weeks without food, but only three days without water. And many sectors of industry – not least food production – rely […]