How to manage the changing cybersecurity landscape for critical infrastructure and industrial operations

    Consultants and specialists designing and implementing surveillance and security solutions for industry and critical infrastructure face unique pressures. The physical protection of such ‘essential entities’ (as regulation increasingly refers to them) is obviously paramount, but today they also face the need to support protection from attacks in the digital realm. In addition, a changing regulatory […]

      Workplace safety in critical infrastructure and industrial operations: minimizing risks, maximizing business continuity

      Critical infrastructure and other industrial operations are essential to society and the economy. Maintaining business continuity is key, yet workplace accidents that endanger employees and halt operations are a real risk in this sector. This makes implementing systems which help to ensure workers are in the right place at the right time (or, at least, […]

        Edge-based intrusion protection in critical infrastructure and industrial operations: integrated, reliable, and cost-effective

        Protecting critical infrastructure and other industrial operations is essential; the economy depends upon it. While cybersecurity is central to safeguarding these industries, this blog will focus on physical security – specifically, how to implement multiple layers of active, effective intrusion protection to secure the outer perimeter, inside the perimeter, and critical core facilities and assets. […]

          Boosting operational efficiency with network cameras: three levels of functionality

          Video surveillance technology can go far beyond physical security. It can address everything from improving people’s safety and monitoring processes to maximizing operational efficiency. Optimizing processes for maximum productivity – or ‘operational efficiency’ – is a major focus for industrial operations in particular, given the costly consequences of downtime halting producing, manufacturing, or processing operations. […]

            How network audio can be used to enhance security and operations in industrial sites

            By now most people are aware of the various ways network audio can be used to bring value to different environments. This could be prerecorded announcements reminding commuters of safety procedures on trains, messages to shoppers about the latest discounts, or even reassuring students that help is on the way following an incident on a […]

              Video and beyond: the multiple benefits of explosion-protected cameras

              No matter if you call them explosion-protected or explosion-proof cameras, they are designed to remove the risk of the camera creating a spark that could cause an explosion in a hazardous environment. While this is, of course, a key feature, it doesn’t fully describe the multiple benefits that explosion-protected cameras can bring. Safety remains at […]