Top 5 things to consider when specifying an integrated security and surveillance system

    Business owners looking to implement an integrated security and surveillance solution can find the range of options available confusing. The large choice of hardware and software products offer a seemingly endless array of specifications. For instance, a business may benefit from an integrated solution that includes a video management system (VMS) linking various disparate networked … Continued

      Why end-to-end solutions are critical to ensuring safety in schools

      A major factor when designing and implementing a school security system is to ensure a reasonable level of security for staff, students, and the community. Situational awareness is paramount, and this can be achieved by implementing the right security strategies and integrating the right technologies. This means that in the event of an emergency not … Continued

        Physical security and cybersecurity – are they so different?

        Large organizations will typically have a physical security team and a separate IT team focused on cybersecurity.  Both teams protect the organization’s assets and resources.  So it is natural that one may think that this would make them great friends. The challenge is that the assets and resources are different.  Protection is an obstacle designed … Continued

          9 questions to consider before purchasing a recording solution

          Purchasing the right video management and storage technology isn’t always easy. You often need to consider a number of factors before you feel comfortable enough tying your business to any kind of surveillance hardware. The result could ensure you’re using a recording solution that will meet (or even exceed) your security objectives. To simplify your … Continued

            Securing pharma with video surveillance

            Depending on the sector the challenges of safety and security vary, as the level of protection needs to be adjusted to the circumstances. One of these special fields is (bio)pharmaceuticals. Protecting staff, products and information are one of the main concerns and biggest challenges in the biopharma sector. In the past few years, the pharma … Continued

              Safety and security for growing businesses

              In broad terms, growth is the goal for every business. For most businesses financial growth results in physical growth: more employees, bigger offices, larger warehouses and sites. And while these factors are signs of a business doing well, all of them bring associated security and safety risks that need to be managed. However, it’s obvious … Continued