AXIS T91A33 Lighting Track Mount

Flexible mount for lighting tracks

  • Quick and flexible installation - no drilling or alterations
  • Compatible with universal 3-circuit lighting track systems
  • Compatible with selected linear trunking systems
  • Perfect for retail environment 
  • Available in white and black

Installation that saves time and money

The unique AXIS T91A33 Lighting Track Mount allows you to discover a new level of flexibility in video surveillance installation, not yet common in the industry. Now you can re-use existing lighting tracks in your environment for mounting a wide range of Axis network camera. It is literally as easy as 1,2,3. Firstly, there is no need for drilling or alteration to your existing lighting track systems. Simply attach the mounting accessory to the lighting track without needing any tools. Secondly, there is no need for running cables inside walls. Simply run the network cable alongside or behind the lighting track. Thirdly, the flexible accessory has mounting holes to suit a wide range of Axis cameras and camera stands. Simply mount your Axis camera directly to the surface of the accessory. And whenever needed, you can quickly reposition the camera along the track to cover a new field of view.

Elegant and discreet to match your environment

AXIS T91A33 is designed to be compatible with a wide range of Axis cameras and camera stands. The mount is available in white and black to easily blend in with the lighting track system.

Lighting tracks systems

AXIS T91A33 Lighting Track Mount is compatible with a broad range of universal 3-circuit lighting track systems and common linear trunking systems. If a lighting track is not listed, please cross-check track dimensions with AXIS T91A33 dimensions available under “Support & Documentation”-tab. Also note that track systems’ names may differ between countries.

    Universal 3-circuit lighting track systems, for example:

    • Nordic Aluminium GlobalTrac
    • Oktalite Power track
    • Eutrac
    • Zumtobel

    Linear trunking systems, for example:

    • Zumtobel Tecton
    • Oktalite/Trilux C-line, E-line
    • Philips Maxos Fusion


    Монтажный комплект AXIS T91A10.

    См. продукт

    Кабельная коробка AXIS T94B01P

    См. продукт

    AXIS F8215 Varifocal Bullet Accessory

    См. продукт

    Стойка AXIS T91A11 белого цвета

    См. продукт

    Стойка AXIS T91B21 Stand, White (белая)

    См. продукт

    Стойка AXIS T91B21 Stand Black (чёрная)

    См. продукт

    Пластина распределительной или установочной коробки AXIS T94E01M

    См. продукт

    Распаечная коробка AXIS T94F01P для кабелепровода

    См. продукт

    Комплект принадлежностей AXIS F8205 для камер в цилиндрическом корпусе

    См. продукт

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