Ex Connection Rail 4-port PoE

High-performance 4-port PoE switch for hazardous areas

  • Long-distance connection
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Provides extra power for sub-zero environments
  • Ready for wall mounting

Ex Connection Rail 4-port PoE is a high-performance PoE switch and 24 V DC power supply for hazardous areas. It is designed to connect explosion-protected network cameras in the ExCam series over long distances. The network connection can be realized via optical fibers or copper-bound Ethernet.

The power supply can deliver 30 W per camera when additional heat is needed in sub-zero environments.
(See the schematics below for *Optional power).

The Ex d-rated enclosure is made from seawater resistant copper free aluminum and ready for wall mounting.
Ex Connection Rail includes 2x M25x1.5 cable glands (Ex d).

Cables and connectors

Ex d Cable Gland M20 Non-armored

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ASKDP03-T Armored Cable ExCam

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SKDP03-T Cable ExCam

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Ex d Cable Gland M20 Armored

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