AXIS Camera Station S22 Appliance Series

All-in-one recorders with integrated switch for high-definition surveillance

  • All-in-one solution with integrated PoE switch
  • Flexible storage options including RAID
  • Ease of installation
  • Validated with extensive support
  • AXIS Camera Station licenses included 

AXIS Camera Station S22 Appliance Series is a family of all-in-one recording solutions with integrated PoE switch designed to deliver reliable high-definition surveillance. These easy-to-install recorders with up to 24 channels and flexible storage options, come with AXIS Camera Station licenses, and are preconfigured with all necessary software to minimize installation time.

A perfect match

AXIS Camera Station S22 Appliance Series is extensively tested with our wide range of Axis quality products to provide you with an affordable, end-to-end solution with unbeatable reliability. All hardware components, including the PoE switch and storage units, are validated to meet the demands for reliable high definition surveillance up to 4K Ultra HD. These easy-to-install solutions for mid-sized installations provide you with everything you need to help ensure every customer installation is trouble-free.

Easy to install all-in-one recorder

With outstanding usability, AXIS Camera Station S22 Appliance Series is designed for fast installation and setup. The integrated recording toolbox gives you easy access to a complete end-to-end solution with total control over your entire surveillance system.

Furthermore, AXIS S22 Series features an integrated PoE switch. It comes with AXIS Camera Station and pre-configured software so out-of- the-box you get seamless and reliable integration to all your Axis network cameras. And thanks to greater storage flexibility you can fully customize your system storage and add extra hard drives when needed.

Improved performance and reliability

AXIS S22 Appliance Series contains a powerful CPU to allow for fast processing of data. The operating system is stored on a Solid-State Drive (SSD) meaning system start-up is fast, and the operating system will not be affected in the event of failure of the recording storage hard drives.

For extra security, AXIS S2216 and AXIS S2224 includes multiple RAID-configured hard drives for increased performance and storage capacity providing even more reliable data storage, with built-in protection against data loss in the event of drive failure.


AXIS S2208

AXIS S2212  AXIS S2216 AXIS S2224

Form Factor

Standalone Standalone 1U rack server 2U rack server
AXIS Camera Station                                                                  Yes
Included licenses 8 12 16 24
Out-of-the-box storage 4 TB 6 TB 8 TB 12 TB
Free hard drive slots for extra storage 2 2

(No RAID on default)

(No RAID on default)
Operating system                                          Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
Integration of third-party cameras*                                                                   Yes   

*ONVIF Profile S conformant - Third-party devices that have been verified to work with AXIS Camera Station through AXIS Camera Station Device Compatibility Tool.