Professional video surveillance made simple

AXIS Companion is a complete solution that brings the reliability of professional video surveillance to small business owners. You get affordable cameras to cover most common surveillance situations, a network video recorder to store video, an easily operated video management software and a secure remote access to your system from any location.

Ideal video surveillance for small business

With AXIS Companion business owners can tap into the benefits of video surveillance. From real time monitoring, to resolving conflicts, preventing and reducing theft and even remote store visits, video surveillance with AXIS Companion is a simple and secure task. You can control your business at any time from any location, and with high video quality both in daylight and night time, business owners can be in control of their operations at any time from any location.

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Proven video surveillance for business owners to rely on

“If I opend a new store, I would reuse the same system and definitely trust my AXIS Companion Specialist again.”