AXIS Q1932-E PT Mount Thermal Network Camera

Designed for pan-tilt motors

  • VGA thermal imaging
  • Intelligent video
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Multiple lens options
  • PT mount-ready
  • Shock detection

Easy verification

The thermal resolution of 640x480 and a range of lenses make it easy to detect and identify people, objects and incidents. Thanks to a new filter that removes the blur and ghost effects, the images are kept sharp in all conditions.

AXIS Q1932-E PT Mount cameras offer an improved thermal imaging contrast, keeping the noise levels low at the same time as no details or temperature information are lost. The scene is easier to understand; surroundings are recognizable, and objects, accidents or people are identifiable.

AXIS Q1932-E PT Mount
Without noise reduction

Intelligent video applications

AXIS Q1932-E PT Mount includes intelligent video applications, such as AXIS Cross Line Detection license and AXIS Video Motion Detection 2.1. The thermal camera can complement any IP surveillance system being the first to detect accidents and sending notification to another network camera.

Based on the alarm trigger, a PTZ network camera can be re-directed to the point of interest. With a VGA thermal resolution, AXIS Q1932-E PT Mount can optimize detection performance to meet most application requirements. Since thermal cameras are less sensitive to problems with light conditions and shadows, they can achieve higher accuracy and less false alarms than conventional cameras in most applications.

Versatile, outdoor video surveillance

AXIS Q1932–E PT Mount is an outdoor-ready bullet camera that is specifically designed to be mounted on pan-tilt motors. This allows the camera to cover larger areas and also gives the option of directing the camera upwards. The thermal camera includes a serial port for RS422/RS485 communication with pan-tilt motors. (Pan-tilt motor not included). It comes with a built-in heater for the window. The camera is further protected with shock detection, a capability that sends an alarm to personnel during attempted vandalism.

Easy and flexible installation 

AXIS Q1932-E PT Mount is easy to install and can easily be integrated with existing security systems. The following installation video shows how to mount the camera on an pan/tilt head.

Detection ranges

  Focal length Viewing angle Detection
mm Horizontal Human:
1.8 x 0.5 m
4 x 1.5 m
m yards m yards
(1.5 pixels on target)
10 57° 322


986 1079
19 32° 573 627 1757 1922
35 18° 1019 1114 3124 3416
60 10° 1833 2005 5623 6149
(6 pixels on target)
10 57° 80 88 247 270
19 32° 143 157 439 480
35 18° 255 278 781 854
60 10° 458 501 1406 1537
(12 pixels on target)
10 57° 40 44 123 135
19 32° 72 78 220 240
35 18° 127 139 390 427
60 10° 229 251 703 769


The detection ranges are calculated with Johnson’s criteria and vary in different weather conditions.

Find nomographs for AXIS Q19 Thermal Network Camera Series (meters) (pdf) or nomographs for AXIS Q19 Thermal Network Camera Series (yards) (pdf) to determine the relation between the focal length of the lens, the number of pixels across the object, and the range.

All software isn't compatible with all products, please refer to the data sheets for compatibility information.

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