We always strive for being as backward compatible as possible, to make sure the integratoin of our products always works with your software. However, to be able to keep the highest cyber security level and/or to be able to develop our products in a good way, we sometimes have to introduce breaking changes. Our aim is to always communicate such breaking changes well in advance to give you a chance to plan your development. For the same reason, most breaking changes are usually introduced on an active track, shortly after the launch of an AXIS OS long time support (LTS) version. 

The next AXIS OS LTS track is planned for launch in Q3, 2024. After that, the AXIS OS major version is incremented from the current AXIS OS version 11 to AXIS OS version 12. In AXIS OS 12 we will introduce the announced breaking changes. However, some breaking changes with less impact will be introduced already in AXIS OS 11. 

List of planned breaking changes: AXIS OS Portal, Upcoming breaking changes 


The plans for upcoming AXIS OS versions may change over time. Some features and/or breaking changes may be removed or moved to a later AXIS OS version, and other changes may be introduced to the plan closer to an AXIS OS launch. 

We will keep you updated in this news section on Developer Community and in the Upcoming breaking changes section in the AXIS OS Portal

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