ACAP version 4.11 is released and is compatible with AXIS OS 11.7.

In response to your invaluable feedback regarding API discrepancies between ACAP version 3 and ACAP Native SDK, we've reintroduced some of the most critical APIs. These APIs should facilitate the development of new applications using ACAP Native SDK, or enable the migration of existing applications built using previous versions of ACAP.

The following API additions have now been incorporated into the ACAP Native SDK:

  • Edge storage API  Allows the application to save and retrieve data on mounted storage devices such as SD cards and NAS (Network Attached Storage) units.
  • Serial port API Allows the application to configure and control the external serial port on selected Axis products.

Moreover, ACAP version 4.11 comes equipped with:

  • Manifest schema 1.4.0: This feature permits new characters ( ) , . ! ? & ' for the vendor field in manifest.json.
  • Remote Debugging Instructions: We have added basic guidelines on how to remotely debug an ACAP application on an Axis device from a user machine. These instructions can be found on the discussions page of the ACAP Native SDK examples repository.

We have also addressed your feedback about the difficulty in identifying camera models compatible with ACAP Computer Vision SDK. In response, we've updated Axis Product Selector to include a Container support filter under Hardware Platform, thereby displaying only models that support ACAP Computer Vision SDK.

For the complete set of code examples, visit our GitHub organization where the ACAP examples are pinned at the top of the page. If you have questions or bug reports related to the examples, please report them in the issue tracker for the specific repository.