ACAP version 4.1 is released with main feature including support for ARTPEC-8, the latest generation SoC from Axis, using both the ACAP Computer Vision SDK as well as the ACAP Native SDK. Developers can go to our GitHub repository where an extensive tutorial on how to get started with deep-learning applications on ARTPEC-8 can be found.

This release also supports architecture-independent applications such as shell scripts or client-side web applications. This means that the same ACAP application version, for this type of ACAP, can be installed on any product regardless of underlying architecture.

See complete release notes and compatibility information for this release in our online documentation.

All SDKs can be found on our DockerHub repository.

For the complete set of code examples, please visit our GitHub organization page where the ACAP examples are pinned at the top of the page. Any questions or bug reports related to the examples? Please report them in the issue tracker for the specific repository.