AXIS V59 PTZ Network Camera Series

Live streaming cameras for professional use

  • HDTV video streaming
  • 30x optical zoom with autofocus
  • Smooth pan tilt and zoom
  • CD-quality stereo audio
  • Connectors for most requirements

Live streaming cameras for a variety of applications

AXIS V59 PTZ Network Camera Series offer cameras with smooth pan/tilt/zoom, high quality audio and powerful 30x zoom. They are designed to stream and webcast audio and video in a variety of applications. The open interface makes it easy to integrate with other systems and share information with a broader audience such as in auditoriums, classrooms, aswell as peer-to-peer communication in video conferencing.  

For clear live production images

AXIS V59 Series offer high-definition video in up to  HDTV 1080p resolution. Camera settings are optimized to produce video with high-color fidelity in studio environments. The smooth pan/tilt/zoom function is easy to control from the camera's web page and makes it possible to follow movements in a live production situation and zoom in on details of interest. 



AXIS V5914

AXIS V5915
Max. rozlišení videa 1280x720 1920x1080
Optické přiblížení 30 30
Technologie WDR Dynamic Capture Dynamic Capture
Min. osvit/světelná citlivost (barva) 0.6 lux 1 lux
Rozsah otáčení +/-170 +/-170
Podpora zvuku
HDMI Output