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Eggbox enhances operational efficiency with Axis smart store management system.

Organization: Eggbox, Suji-Dongcheon franchise
Location: Yongin, Korea, Republic of
Customer need: Customer experience, Remote monitoring, Operational efficiency
Yongin, Korea, Republic of, 

Axis network camera and audio solution helps toast and coffee franchise store improve store management and customer service.


Eggbox is a premium toast sandwich franchise. Dongcheon Eggbox franchise wanted to install a new security camera and audio system for efficient store management in time for the August grand opening. The goal was to be able to remotely check the status of the store at any time and from anywhere using mobile devices and create a welcoming atmosphere via a highquality PA system and in-store music. What’s more, the system had to be reliable, easy to manage, and be of a compact and stylish design that matches the bright and warm store atmosphere.


Initially, Dongcheon Eggbox explored the idea of installing inexpensive network cameras and generic analog speakers typically used in most franchise stores but decided on the Axis network camera and audio system optimized for the needs of small retail stores through consultation with Axis partner SungjinSS. Eggbox comprehensively evaluated the video and audio quality and product design, as well as deployment and maintenance costs and manageability. They also considered the benefit of having products supplied by a single vendor for perfect compatibility and convenient after-sales technical support.


The Axis network camera and audio system was deployed at Dongcheon Eggbox, allowing the manager to easily check surveillance camera feeds and control the speaker volume and PA content through an intuitive management interface provided via a mobile app. After having verified the system’s excellent features and effectiveness, other Eggbox franchisees have started deploying the system in their own store, and the corporate office is currently considering deployment in new locations after recognizing that the Axis’ product designs complement their brand identity and that a solution combining cameras and speakers enhances their operational efficiency and customer service.

We’ve been very satisfied not only with the excellent video and audio quality of Axis products but also in terms of restaurant management. In particular, we were able to significantly increase the quality of our overall customer service thanks to the combination of the cameras and speakers’ intelligent features that can instantly recognize and respond to incoming customers. Of course, it’s helped boost our sales as well.
Kyeong-a Hwang
Owner of Dongcheon Eggbox franchise.

A proven total solution from a single vendor

For store security and efficient management, networkbased video surveillance cameras and a network audio system, the latest in audio technology, were deployed at the Dongcheon Eggbox. 

Eggbox interior

The system consisted of AXIS M30-V Fixed Mini Dome Network Cameras, AXIS C1410 Network Speaker, AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge, and AXIS Companion, a free video management software. Since all the equipment was sourced from a single vendor, they provided full compatibility and optimization, dramatically simplifying installation and operation. They also offered the advantage of being supported by a single company should a problem occur during use.

Rapid customer reception using intelligent video analytics

The Dongcheon Eggbox actively uses cameras not only for security and safety but also for customer reception. If a customer stands in front of the kiosk for longer than a set period, AXIS Loitering Guard, an intelligent analytics built into the cameras, detects it and sends commands to the network speakers to automatically broadcast pre-recorded messages. "The Axis' solution can deliver messages to customers with a more personal touch than typical, repetitive in-restaurant broadcasts. Our customers find it novel and interesting," said Kyeong-a Hwang, an owner of the Dongcheon franchise of Eggbox.

Creating ambience and providing customer service with a smart audio system

The new Eggbox location in Dongcheon plays music via the Melon music streaming service through AXIS C1410 Network Speaker connected to an on-site computer via the AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge. A trendy ambience can be created with the latest music, which has been praised by younger patrons, the store's main customer base.

Ceiling speaker close up

In addition, this speaker model features a built-in passive infrared (PIR) sensor capable of detecting motion, so a pre-recorded greeting can be automatically played as soon as a customer enters the restaurant. Thanks to this system, staffs can immediately recognize and responds to incoming customers even they are busy with other work. Since all Axis audio equipment can be connected to a standard network, there is no need for special audio cables, simplifying installation and greatly reducing costs.

Checking store status anytime, anywhere using mobile devices

Using AXIS Companion that is simple to set up and use, the manager is able to instantly check on-site video feeds from a remote location via a mobile app. There is no need for additional hardware such as an NVR, which reduces equipment purchase costs. "By using Axis network camera and audio system, we're able to greatly increase operational efficiency in stores. We can identify and manage the status of stores anytime, anywhere using mobile devices.

Ceiling camera from below

The ability to record and automatically play frequently-used announcements such as 'Welcome to our store' and 'Please wait a moment' using text-to-speech is also extremely useful," said Shin-beom Kang, CEO of SunjinSS. "Thanks to the Axis Store Management System, we can respond without delay to customers entering our restaurant, even if our staffs are busy with other work. It has greatly improved the overall quality of our customer service, and even our sales have risen. I am very satisfied," said Kyeong-a Hwang, an owner of the Dongcheon Eggbox franchise.

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