Visionhair exterior entrance

AXIS Companion for the Visionhair concept store.

Organization: Visionhair
Location: Moncalieri, Italy
Customer need: Remote monitoring
Moncalieri, Italy, 

A single customized video surveillance solution for an avant-garde store.


Visionhair is a brand that aims to express the concept of wellness through beauty, combining three different elements, clothes, furnishings and haircare, personified by a large multi level space arranged in different areas. The owner needed a video surveillance system that offered high image quality, ease of use, the possibility of remote real-time monitoring, and a compact and elegant design, capable of being perfectly integrated with the surroundings, where aesthetics play a vital role.


The installer, Federico Piazza from AS Impianti S.r.l., an AXIS Companion Specialist, had no doubts in proposing the installation of three AXIS Companion Eye mini L Network Cameras inside, providing Full HD and 2 MP resolution to achieve an optimal field of view in the more critical areas, and an AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE outside, capable of monitoring people entering and leaving.


The installed system is reliable, very discreet and perfectly integrated with the design of the entire space. AXIS Companion solutions, characterized by a simple, user-friendly interface, enable monitoring of all the areas of the concept store, even remotely, to determine which action to take whenever there is an alarm or threat and, if necessary, to provide the police with highresolution images that can be used for investigations.

The aspect that convinced me to choose Axis is the brand’s reputation: it is an important worldwide brand that makes extremely high-quality products suitable for all requirements. And since the aesthetic aspect is fundamental for us, we wanted a product that was not only qualitatively valid, but also fit in well with our store.
Antonio Pavani
Visionhair owner.

Why AXIS Companion met Visionhair’s requirements

“Our store is a place where you feel the passion we have put into this profession, uniting our respective skills and combining this with extensive experience in the sector,” says Antonio Pavani, the owner of Visionhair. “The concept store is not just a product of fashion, but a true emblem for beauty, over time becoming a trendsetting brand. By creating sustainable beauty, we want to encourage people to take care of themselves, the environment and the world in which we live and work, like the things we love.”

The need to install a video surveillance system in a space like this arises from past attempted theft and the necessity to monitor a large area, which is arranged on several levels, in real time. Moreover, in a context such as that of Visionhair, the look of the cameras constituted a discretionary aspect. 

Visionhair interior

AXIS Companion was the natural answer to Antonio’s requirements: high video quality, incorporated infrared that offers clear images even in difficult lighting conditions, network connectivity and power with a single PoE cable, ease of use and simple configuration. A single network cable enables installing a camera and managing it directly from the recorder – with everything enclosed in a refined, compact and elegant design.

“An easy-to-use solution that will allow Antonio to concentrate on his business, without having to worry about the security system,” says Federico Piazza, from AS Impianti. “The three cameras with 2 MP resolution and Full HD inside the store give Antonio wide-area coverage, including the more important parts that require greater attention, and thanks to AXIS Companion video management software, he can manage the recordings and access images that might be of use to the police for investigations. In addition, the external camera makes it possible to monitor customers entering and leaving the store and to check, also remotely, on attempted breakins, providing an even more complete level of video surveillance.”

AXIS Companion has enabled us to meet all of the end user requirements. Both the owner and his staff appreciate the video surveillance system not only for its ease of use, but also for the discreet design of the installed cameras, which go unnoticed by customers inside the store.
Federico Piazza
AS Impianti S.r.l., AXIS Companion Specialist.
Visionhair interior

As soon as it was installed, Antonio Pavani was immediately satisfied with the system, in terms of both quality and aesthetics. “The aspect that convinced me to choose Axis is the brand’s reputation,” he comments. “I did some checking and found out that it is a world famous brand, which makes extremely high-quality products suitable for every specific need. And since the aesthetic aspect was fundamental for us, we wanted a product that wasn’t just qualitatively sound, but also one that fit in well with our parlor and, in general, with our store.”

The other distinguishing features that played a fundamental role in the final choice were the system’s convenience and ease of use. “To be able to see what is going on in my store and have video feedback to avoid, for example, having to come in myself when I’m far away, is fundamental for us and effectively eliminates false alarms,” says Pavani. “In addition, with Axis video quality it is possible to help the police identify the culprits, not to mention that the cameras often act as a deterrent to discourage theft.”

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