Astronomical efficiency at Observatory

Axis high-definition surveillance powers Shanghai Astronomical Observatory

“The deployment of the high-definition network video surveillance system is a breakthrough for us. We’ve experienced the advantages of network camera in application. The features of Axis products, such as superb image quality and low bandwidth, have greatly improved the efficiency of our security surveillance system and reduced our internal management cost.“ Dr. Lin Qing, Head of Sheshan Observatory Station, SHAO.


With astro-geodynamics, galaxy and cosmology as main research focus areas, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO), Chinese Academy of Sciences is actively developing astronomical observation and video technologies with a view to provide scientific and technical support to astronomical research and national strategic needs. Holding modern space astronomical observation technologies, the management also required an upgrade of the video surveillance in the observatory.


Based on the requirements to upgrade video surveillance in the observatory, 7 surveillance sites were added to the science education base and 4 to the scientific research base. The new sites adopted digital cameras accessed via the network, connected via existing fiber optics. Due to the large surrounding areas, the Observatory has several defense areas. This requires the alarm receiver to display the image of these areas on LED with the accurate alarm information such as time, location and so on. With the active alarm function, the surveillance system can send timely alarms in the event of incidents.


The solution offered by Axis and its partners increases the accuracy of video surveillance, improves the availability of existing security protection products, reduces human cost, and saves related management cost of SHAO.

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