Axis cameras provide real-time traffic info in Croatia

Key areas of Croatian road infrastructure are monitored by Axis cameras, providing drivers with traffic information via a website and mobile apps

“In our project, images must be delivered swiftly to web-servers/webcache, rather than to a central recording unit or a surveillance room videowall, as they primarily end up on our website and mobile apps that are available to the general public. This makes digitizing the image on an IP video server a must for us rather than an option.” Goran Baotić, M.Sc., head of the business support division in the HAK.


Without a doubt, Croatia is a popular tourist destination. In 2017, a record number of 18.5 million tourists visited this Southern European country, many of them by car. The large numbers of seasonal tourists join local drivers each year and put the Croatian road infrastructure under immense pressure. Furthermore, depending on the location, traffic can be affected by various weather conditions, from extreme high temperatures to strong wind and snow. Therefore, the Croatian Automobile Club (HAK) decided to install traffic cameras at key locations throughout the country such as border crossings, toll stations, highway junctions, ferry ports, bridges, and tunnels. The aim was to provide drivers with real-time images of the current traffic situation.


Initially, the project ran on analog video cameras. The images were then digitized using Axis video servers and sent to the HAK web server periodically. As the technology progressed, a network of Axis cameras replaced the old analog devices. Today, the system is mainly based on Axis cameras monitoring locations with increased threat of heavy traffic or harsh weather conditions. Hence, the requirements were obvious: cameras resistant to extreme weather divergency with reliable performance and possible advance software integration. The Axis camera fleet uses the bullet-type AXIS P1425-LE Mk II and AXIS P1427-LE, fixed box AXIS M1125-E, and AXIS Q6155-E PTZ Network Cameras.


The primary objective of the camera installation has undoubtedly been met: The network of approximately 260 cameras on Croatian roads has increased safety for everyone. With HAK being a national authority on traffic information in Croatia, providing drivers with traffic information is a matter of public interest. The real-time images from the locations surpass other information channels in reliability and impact on drivers, be it in terms of snow conditions, heavy traffic, or other occurrences on the road. Traffic information is available on the HAK website and mobile app to anyone with internet access, and the HAK plans to continuously expand the number of camera locations.

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