Modern cafés have Axis network video solutions on the menu

Royal Ration Network implements AXIS Camera Companion and

“Picture sharpness in the new video monitoring system even allows detecting pieces of money; when using Axis video cameras, we don’t pass over any details. Investments into a system upgrade are completely justified; we have obtained high quality at a favorable price.” Petr Kioroglo, Royal Ration.


Royal Ration is a leader in the area of healthy nutrition in Russia. Company Dietarian Margarita Korolyeva renders services on organization, cooking, and delivery of balanced rations for the whole day; she also implements projects in catering consulting services and manages a network of authors’ healthy nutrition cafés in Moscow. Providing high-quality service is one of the top objectives of Royal Ration. In order to maintain a high level of service, control of cash desks, safety assurance, and in the interest of preventing incidents, a decision was made to equip several areas with video monitoring systems. The installation was performed at Favourite Café and two Fit Appetit fitness cafés. Due to the area distribution, the customer required the function of remote access to the video monitoring system.


Because of the small sizes of the rooms, it was decided to use cost-effective system Axis solution for small systems. Up to five devices of video monitoring were arranged and installed in the café, along with the easy-to-use and free AXIS Camera Companion software. With this implementation, the problems of quality control, safety assurance, reduction in the number of incidents perpetrated by personnel, and the prevention of incidents were solved. Moreover, the system can easily be controlled via mobile application from anywhere.


Equipping the Royal Ration network with a video monitoring system allows video patrolling of café halls, cash desks, and entry/exits areas. When Royal Ration uses the AXIS Camera Companion mobile application, the customer can control all objects at once with one mobile device.

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