Axis Communications for urban security in the Municipality of Sant’Antonio Abate

An advanced territorial video surveillance system for a municipality of Campania

“The Axis and Integra solution makes use of the best technologies available on the market. Thanks to the iDefender® platform, it’s possible to integrate the cameras and the Intelligent Video functions in the best possible way, providing the operators with a single tool for monitoring and supervising all the different systems at the municipality’s disposal.” Paolo Finelli - Integra Solutions.


The Municipality of Sant’Antonio Abate, always attentive to preventing and countering problems related to urban security, needed an advanced video surveillance system to assure greater territorial control and prevent crime, especially in high-density shopping districts. The aim was to provide an integrated means of handling security, capable of monitoring urban areas on a preventive basis, controlling emergencies and supporting activities for restoring normality.


The design and implementation of the system was entrusted to Selcom, a Security System Integrator specialized in advanced security systems and capable of integrating the best products available on the market. To provide a concrete response to the Municipality’s real security needs, Selcom made use of the strong synergy developed between Axis video network technologies and the video and signal management system offered by Integra Solutions.


A single management and control system was installed in this Campania Municipality for all of the envisaged security devices and applications, which were integrated and centralized on Integra Solutions’ iDefender software platform. The two pre-existing territorial video surveillance systems were integrated into the same system, thus ensuring the unified management of public safety, and protecting previous investments by leveraging and improving the existing equipment with more innovative Axis IP cameras.

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